Robert McCormack

“Freedom” is a luxury for an anxious mind. True freedom is freedom of mind and body. This work looks at the battle for freedom within oneself. It captures the moment that is the turning point in an internal struggle for self-control; a balance between inner anarchy and inner triumph.

The fight for freedom against anxiety is becoming more and more pressing, more and more desperate.  Its effects are damaging and affect more and more people. Everyday someone has to take time to … breathe, or be lost in an inner darkness. it consumes every aspect of life; a deadly disease running wild, attracted to the mind, like sharks to blood.

The figure represents the confusion of an anxious mind. The panels trap the figure in his own space; suffocating, smothering, strangling. The figure looks up, trying to escape, desperate to gain control and just … breathe. But nothing anyone can do, can help him. He is trapped in his own head, in his own world. Is he lost? Most definitely.