Red at the Bottom

Red at the Bottom

Corrie Thomson

My practice loosely revolves around the suggestive nature of the sculptural object. Unrealistic or peculiar scenarios are created through material conversations and the act of positioning. An object or a material’s associations of use can be interrupted through it’s placement within a sculptural scenario. Through an exploration of balance, tension, and the precarious positioning of objects, an atmosphere of uncertainty emerges and an oblique narrative is dictated through these instinctual arrangements. 

I am fascinated by our curiosity and obsession with objects and our ability to ‘see things’ in others. With a few instinctual movements, we can reorganise the world around us and attach new identities to our surroundings. By embracing the potential in our own hand, we can view something simple through the same eyes, but in an entirely different way. 

Each object, material or component should become a lens through which you can view or gauge the next. The work aims to uncover how each element within a sculpture or arrangement may individually identify with the familiar, yet collectively appear alien. It is an attempt to condense the flow of our everyday perception of objects, frozen in a moment.