Rachel Munford

Change is often seen as the enemy. One of the things that has intrigued me in my work is our resistance to change both socially and politically. This photo speaks to me about the constant societal changes we face and how that can bring out certain emotions in us. This building, across from T.J. Hughes in Glasgow, was in the process of being taken down when I passed by. Sometimes the images of destruction, even if it is for progress, are seen as haunting –possibly reflecting our fear of change. However, this broken shell of a building is enchanting. The way the building’s tendrils hang loosely after been torn at is similar to how the skin around a wound hangs. But wounds do heal.

The contrast in this image is what highlights the beauty that can be found in the variation of life and how the process of change is something to be admired. While daunting, change can lead to something better and is not something to be feared. There is a daring defiance in finding beauty in destruction. This is something I believe this image stimulates within the viewer. 

The entry is black and white 35mm film developed onto Ilford Gloss paper.