Semi-Precious Junk

Semi-Precious Junk

Rachel Blackwell

The aim of my experiments was to find means of adding and retracting value from objects, by methods such as crystallisation and de-branding. My interest was in what we as a society place value upon, and what we deem as ‘junk’; objects that have no nostalgia attached to them- ‘things’ that we readily discard. My experiments were in effort to transform this ‘junk’ into items of value.

The purpose of my work was to use objects which we disregard as ‘Junk’ or ‘Rubbish’.

The process of crystallisation is a very scientific one. My aim was to attempt to blur the barriers between art and science and show how the two intertwine; how chemical experiments can present themselves as art and vice versa. This project was to reiterate that the imaginary barrier we draw between art and science is only holding us back from great artworks and discoveries.