Premeditated Suffering (Volume One)

Premeditated Suffering (Volume One)

Cameron Boyle

Premeditated Suffering in its totality is a well textured, extended series of gnarly, distorted, multi-volume discs produced under my pseudonym, Donald J. Mosbey (The New Danger).

The project as a whole is the first in a collection of musical tapestries I seek to explore through this alias. I want to communicate tales of insomniac depression, self-loathing, confusion, family anxieties, and isolation. With the advent of this musical project, I look not to glorify my mental illness, but to channel my aggression into something that can be seen as beautiful, using this degree of separation as a creative outlet, a way to catch my breath.

The discovery of music has allowed me to reach beyond the veil and see myself not as a skeletal projection of my thoughts but a creature of purpose. I often find myself spinning upon blackness. Creativity is my lifeline, a way for me to return myself to reality. I have felt this way since I was ten years old. For better or for worse, my creative adventures have allowed me to function as a human being and I could not live without them otherwise. I may not be smiling, but that does not mean that I am unhappy. More projects are on the way, both artistic and musical.