July 11

July 11 (in situ)

July 11

Piotr Pawliszyn

The title - July 11 refers to the day of the bloody Sunday (11.07.1943) in Volhynia, which was the peak of the Massacres of Poles in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia during the World War II. What is more, it is also a day when in 1995 the Srebrenica massacre began.

Somebody may say that this things as genocides or ethnics cleansings have already happened and there is no sense to create about it, but for me it has enormous meaning because unfortunately this things can happen again. almost 80 years ago Picasso painted Guernica, which is one of the most famous anti-war symbol. Since that event, we have seen II world war and a lot of different conflicts and crimes. It was among the others theme of concentration camp which was repeated in former Yugoslavia. I think that artist should repeat this subject anti-war theme to never let it happen again. So, I can say that creation of this painting is in a certain degree caused by my anxiety.

Painting was made by using oil paints on canvas (156cx116.9 cm).