Paper Cranes


Paper Cranes

Chantal Dipnarine

I did this 3D animation for my HND Interactive Design course. 

This animation explores the Japanese culture that I am so fascinated by. The ancient legend of 1000 origami paper cranes being able to grant a wish to the person who receives them was my concept for this animation. The recent idea that 1000 origami paper cranes given to a recovering person will help them through their illness and struggle was developed during world war two, when a girl effected by the Hiroshima bombing became ill from the radiation waves. This girl was given 1000 paper cranes in hope that she would survive. 

The animation is set in a traditional Japanese home with sliding doors and tatami matting which gives a sense of tradition and cultural respect. 

This peaceful animation explores the theme of dreams, self-awareness and a bright and hopeful future. Dimming the lighting in the scene made it seem as if one’s future was unclear and the light itself gave a sense of one being only able to hope for the best. The paper cranes suddenly falling from a ceiling highlighted the near impossibility of such dreams being reachable. This overall is an unstable and cynical mind set.