Ode To a Bug

Ode to a Bug

Mhairi Brown

This paper-cut-out animation is across 2 video files that are to be projected simultaneously and on loop side by-side. Better yet- projected so that the edge of each video meets in the corner of a large and tall room for an immersive experience. The Bug is to tell a silent story. Though his meaning is devolved to the viewer, my personal interpretation exists. The nonsensical, unfortunate looking Bug represents a humble animal, stumbling through his cycle, succumbing to depths but surviving. I found Kafka’s “Metamorphosis” well into the development of my dexterous insect, and his likeness to “Gregor” quickly became apparent. On considering a grotesque insect’s experience in humanity, for me, my bug was humanised. He personified human struggle, telling me a story more honest and more modest than I (a human) could tell. I learned to feel free to see that we too are humble animals, all at once lost in the world and still floating, somehow. In his flatness, he holds a depth that seems to disappear with over-contemplation. The shared experience of immersing in a projection exemplifies the importance of unadulterated play and lush enjoyment, a well- deserved respite from our own stories.