Not For Sale

Not For Sale

Liya Li

This short film is a trailer for a project called ‘Not For Sale'. The project in which 5 artists are sharing the horrors of human trafficking, by using their art discipline. The actresses in the video are the participants and the creators of the live performance of ‘Not For Sale', that was premiered at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in 2017. 

The video was intentionally shot in a dark alleyway, right outside the Student House, to emphasise that human trafficking doesn’t always happen on another continent, it happens right by our doorstep. The shivering background drone in the video resembles bagpipes, that resonates with the Scottish viewers and the black and white theme mocks the idea of slavery being resolved and left behind in the past. The voice on the background has no emotions behind it, and only states the scary statistics, which puts people in a state of shock. 

The importance of this video is highly valuable in the place like Scotland. There are very little awareness raising campaigns that could provide the necessary information and educate those who are vulnerable to exploitation. Having a video with such relevant context shared on social media platform is a modern necessity.