Flowing Harmony

Flowing Harmony

Nina Isaacs & William Chan

Water is always changing. When it is flowing it can be rushing down a river, it can be as quiet and still as a lake or it can be storming and raging over the ocean. We humans are not different. The water is our reflection. Everyone in a different way can be quiet or loud, fast or slow and we should learn from the water. We can be moving in different paces and behaving in different ways and that is okay.

The moment in the picture shows different forms of water working as one. In one corner it is churning and splashing to all sides, meanwhile in the opposite corner it slows down. In between it balances both sides, and it flows into each other. Even though it moves and works differently, it is still as one.

If a small water puddle gets poisoned it will have a big effect on the puddle, but the more water is added the smaller the effect. That shows we can have all sort of problems, but if we share them with other people, more people are there to help. We should learn to accept our problems and shouldn't hesitate to offer help.

We should unite like how water drops combine, because together we are stronger.’