Touch Me!

Niamh Brannan, Touch Me, textile.jpg

Touch Me!

Niamh Brannan 

“Touch Me!” incorporates the values of health and social recognition. My piece is an interactive textile designed and created to encourage and achieve positive mindfulness through sensory stimulation using a range of unconventional materials in weaving. 

Positive mental health is a growing concern within our society and my response to this was to create a piece of fabric that would allow a fun and playful outlet for individuals to focus their stress and anxiety. Interacting with the many different textures and surfaces should allow individuals to relax and let their minds wander. 

Occasionally, society can shy away from the topic of mental health and anxiety as it can be a challenging and delicate subject to address. However, with more and more individuals coming forward and speaking up about mental health I wanted to create something that would make a statement and recognise the importance of mental health awareness. 

My aim was to create a playful and relaxed response to encourage a more accessible and less intimidating conversation to help raise awareness of the importance of positive mental health and try and provide different outlets to achieve this.