Natalia Zajdel

My piece is concentrated on self-indulgence.

It is an acrylic painting of a young woman, her face taking over the whole painting. The face is all I wanted to concentrate on, as it communicates emotions the most.

My painting expresses self-indulgence mainly through it's burning colour, as I find hues more understandable than words at times. Red is power. Red is passion, love, energy and excitement. It is what we should all have and thrive for. It is what I am trying to be every single day. My past that follows me step by step is in the opposite of the colour wheel, it is blue and cold. Therefore, I need to try extra hard to capture the primary colour of red. My piece if all I want to be; free. No matter what comes my way, I will do what I truly dream of. I will follow my desires and spoil myself, as loving yourself and taking care of your body and mind is as important as taking care of others. You cannot give true, pure love, happiness or any other emotion nor feeling to others unless you, yourself have it within your heart. That is why self-indulgence is important. It is not being selfishly hedonistic, it is simply being one with your mind, reaching a higher state of it that will keep both you and others gratified.