Moon Stick

Moon Stick

Jake Russell

Moon Stick is a video about a young man who struggles to have a meaningful communication with others, and upon stumbling across a mysterious stick, finds himself sleepless and lost in what seems to be a limitless expanse. Come the morning, the stick is gone, as has this sense of overwhelming smallness. 

The video explores how feelings of anxiety, sadness, and hopelessness can arise seemingly from nowhere, and the feeling of isolation and separation that comes with it. Conversations with others can often seem meaningless and unimportant when your own troubles are overwhelming you internally. 

Ultimately, in the case of the video, the feeling leaves as mysteriously as it arrived come the morning time. It’s a hopeful ending, in that while hard times are inevitable - no matter what is happening in your life - they are also temporary. They will occur without any explicit reason, and we all have to learn how to recognise and deal with that.