Bronwyn Dickson

My poem is centred around eating disorders, specifically bulimia nervosa. This piece of work is very close to my heart, bút also to over 1.6 billion other people in the UK suffering from them. The stigma around this issue is still a problem today, and unfortunately it is the stigma that stops people asking for help, which makes recovery almost impossible. 

This poem starts off from the perspective of Ana/Mia (sufferers refer to the voice in their head with these names depending on which ED they suffer from) which highlights the pressure sufferers feel to stay skinny and hopefully allows those who do not suffer with an ED to understand what goes on in a sufferer's head and therefore why it is such a difficult thing to live with. 

The perspective in the poem then shifts to the sufferer's perspective themselves. This change in perspective allows the reader to see how pressuring thoughts from a voice in the head can turn into action by the sufferer. 

I think in order for society to be more understanding and accepting of eating disorders (and mental illness in general), they need to have some understanding and empathise. I believe poetry can get through to people who may not understand with a simple, quick explanation.