Shannon Leslie

My submission evaluates the significance of death. 

I, a human, am holding a skull. This ram in our time thought and lived its life quietly among the world. I am holding its empty shell against my own. My head contains mind, blood and warmth. No one dies with you. We all die alone. 

This creature holds the value of both life, and something that has lost life. It is a reminder of what was in between. Humans tend to value themselves over creatures such as these, especially due to their seemingly insignificant purpose in this world. Humans forget that all those with consciousness have the same value, and even in death are just as important. All once possessed awareness. 

Death is a powerful symbol of endurance. My message was to show how we are so alike, even if we are in different states of being. Growth versus decomposition and the eternal skeleton that lives and breathes within us. Talk of death is often a book not to be opened. It is difficult to understand. In the simplest way I wished to create a believable link between the process of living and dying, the eternal, entwined spiral of life and death.