Bliss 1.JPG


Miriam Sneddon

My entry is a collage, it looks at the disposable nature of our culture and how the wants of the wealthy are often created by the poorest sections of society.  It expresses an ambivalence to poverty and inequality, how easily distracted we are unless it is presented to us by a media friendly celebrity. I was interested in the difference between wants and needs and how expendable and disposable things that we use merely as distractions are. The idea of distractions resonated with me and made me think about just how distracted the wealthy can become because we can afford to be, we don’t have to worry about getting food, water and sanitation. The poem ‘Decomposition’ by Zulfikar Ghose and it’s poetic voice looks at a photograph he had taken of a beggar asleep on the pavement in Bombay and he remembers praising himself for creating such a fantastic work, but by the end of the poem we understand that he is remorseful at taking such joy in something derived from suffering. I feel that it was only when Ghose saw the man in the street as a person not as a beggar that he felt a connection to him. 


VisualJohn Byrne Award