Why do we feel a sense of perpetual transience?

Why do we feel a sense of perpetual transience?

Matthew Gibb

As part of a five track EP, I made a song called 'home', trying to evoke a feeling common amongst young people of perpetual transience, as you find your feet in the adult world and build new relationships and find places that are important to you beyond your family home, yet try and remain connected to your family and roots. 

The song's instrumental is deliberately oppressively minimal, reflecting the physical minimalism I found myself in whilst struggling to adjust to life away from home, financially and emotionally.

To accompany this, I created a visual in which I attempt to visually represent this transience and create an atmosphere of melancholy that builds upon the song's theme. The visual language of film uniquely facilitates juxtaposition, and in cutting between the same scene but removing the emotional subjects I attempt to showcase the ways in which film can support the message of music.