Stripped Bare

Stripped Bare

Lois Jones

My work is a site-specific instillation, designed to be hung in place of a hanging basket in my school. The work symbolises, not only our unity with the natural world, but also how our over-exploitation of resources threatens this fragile bond.

The piece consists of a central light fitting from which metal wires arc, branch-like, creating a futuristic tree form. The ends of the wires are bent to form hooks from which delicate, white, porcelain leaves are hung. I illustrated the message of my work through a series of still images as well as in a short video, in which volunteers removed the leaves one-by-one, until none remained. Once all the leaves were removed the light went out, symbolising the impact of our over-consumption of our natural resources.

My instillation is a visual representation of how we, the human race, can exist in tandem with nature but choose not to. Instead we deplete our readily available resources without renewing what we take, killing our natural world and consequently, our own.