The Very End

The Very End

Lisa Kowalski

The Very End is a song which expresses my belief in pursuing personal goals and not letting negativity and criticisms deter you.

When I first started singing aged 13, I faced some of mockery and disrespect from my peers. Some thought they were better than me, some liked my music and others simply wanted to hurl stones at someone who was ready to put themselves out there. 

For a couple of years I walked the tightrope between wanting to be popular and loved and not caring what other people thought of me. The situation came to a head at an Open Mic where a girl from school and her crowd heckled me whilst I was performing.  Although angry and upset, I was determined not to let them knock my confidence.  I wrote this song as a way of dealing with it and sang it back to the same crowd, as they sat inches away from me in the front row the next week. This was the best way of maintaining my self-respect.

“Cause nothings stopping me,

And if you’re trying right now, you’d better just leave

No one’s gonna to control all the things that I dream….”