Looking But Not Finding

Looking But Not Finding

Lisa Kowalski

My song reflects the importance of honesty to me. It is much easier for me to be honest about my feelings via music.

The song reflects the thrills and disappointments of hoping that someone you like might just like you back, hoping that for once you are going to get what you want.   My head was saying that the probability of rejection was high because the object of my desire was more desirable, more popular and more powerful than me. My heart however said there was enough of a possibility that love would conquer all across the cliques and norms of school society.

I put my heart on the line when I sang the song to a chosen few and told them who it was about. The school grapevine proceeded to do its thing.   I then performed the song to the entire senior school,  including its subject, with him, me and everyone else knowing exactly who the message was for.

I didn’t get the boy, but I do have the song. It was the start of my songwriter journey and willtherefore be special to me for a far longer time than theboy could ever have been!