Lily Tavares

This piece is entitled "Millennial", and is heavily centred around the current political climate of the world, and the way it contrasts with the image of a "typical millennial"; perceived to be a selfish consumerist, ignorant to social justice issues.

The monochromatic theme is intended to draw your eye to the cheery "hang in there!" poster, and the magazine featuring some of the discussions in the media right now.

Detachment is another theme in this piece, as the young lady is struggling, faded to grey, looking away from the issues to the motivational poster and her music to detach from the turmoil in the world/within herself.

On the wall is a peace sign haphazardly taped, a quiet reminder of the peace the girl and the world outside is sorely lacking right now.

Being too involved in current politics is extremely depressing and causes us to seek detachment from it, further perpetuating the stereotypes about Millennials.

This piece is intended to allow viewers to find their own meanings too, which was an ambitious idea that inspired much of this piece.

While this piece has one driving meaning, everyone experiences the world differently and i wanted that idea reflected in my work.