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Lily Garget

Zen Bitch

After I finished school I moved to London to work as a fashion model. I spent eight months there ‘not being right for us [designer/brand] just now’, not being the right measurements, not being confident enough, not being this or that, and not feeling like I could be myself. This is an illustrated, embroidered version of myself during that time. When I moved away I realised the importance of different objects in your life and how they really define certain times in your life. Here I’ve documented certain items that defined that time for me, metaphorically and literally - a fire being damped, a fire still burning alongside, for example, a bottle of hand sanitiser. I think the contrast between the more frivolous objects and the more meaningful ones really captures a certain tone found in the circumplex of words; ‘Self Direction’ with privacy and ownership of these objects, and also in ‘Security’ with a sense of belonging, or displacement, found by having these objects around me. I found it really hard working in the modelling industry as I had no creative voice; since I have moved back home I’ve found art and embroidery a really cathartic process.

Size - 23cmx22cm. Materials – thread.