Let Me Stand With You

Let Me Stand With You

Nyree Waters

I found these words by chance in a pile of old song sheets I picked up from a secondhand shop. They come from a song called 'Friend o' Mine' written by Frederick E. Weatherly/ Wilfred Sanderson. The lyrics begin by asking a friend to share all the positive things in their life: 

‘When you are happy, friend o' mine, 
And all your skies are blue, 
Tell me your luck, your fortune fine, 
And let me laugh with you.’ 

The second half of the song goes on to list the dark times in life that are equally as important to share. The line I chose to cut out expresses the value of balance in friendship - it’s a willingness to share not just our light but also our darkness with another human being as a way of connecting with someone, and better understand ourselves and humanity in the process. 

This is an abstract paper collage, made intuitively in relation and response to the words from the song. The composition balances lightness and darkness, positive and negative space, and the interconnectedness of different shapes. I hope this visual sense of balance is a subtle reflection of the message behind the song.