The Screwball Dilemma

The Screwball Dilemma

Leotie Whitelaw

As a young artist and a storyteller, I enjoy designing, writing about and drawing my own characters. This is especially true for the characters that I create to explore subjects that strike close to home, my life as a social late-bloomer in the bustling Glaswegian art scene, the issues I see close to my face day to day, as well as myself, having been thrust into that world so inexperienced.

In this short comic, I wanted to explore many of those issues I observe in Glasgow- self-loathing, nostalgia, addiction, sectarianism, sexuality and a uniquely Scottish brand of hyper masculinity that boxes many men into a corner with no room for softness or self-expression- with two of my more frequently-featured characters. 

I feel that these subjects are integral to Glaswegian society's infamous misery and its appetite for dangerous thrills.

In exploring these characters, I feel about for the softer side of my city in that chaos.