Tread Lightly, Child

Lana Svirejeva (2017) Tread Lightly, Child [ipad].jpg

Lana Svirejeva-Hopkins

Tread Lightly, Child

Any artist has probably struggled all too humanly with following their artistic instincts without being weighed down by fear. And yet the artist pursues creative inquiry into the unknown. In order not to approach the unknown with fear, the artist needs to approach it lightly, even though he feels deeply, through play – Playing with new mediums, even choosing above others "those tools that are slightly independent, slightly capricious, whose behaviour cannot be exactly foreseen." (Francis Ponge).

As I used to be exclusively an oil painter, out of fear of not ever being skilled enough even in one medium, I often felt fearful of new technologies that seemed set on making painting an irrelevant craft. Recently, I came to realise that this is a groundless concern because the truly irreplaceable skill is creativity. As long as anything an artist does is creative, is exploratory, they are of their times and furthering their field. Therefore I now make a point out of venturing into new mediums, such as using my iPad for drawing. This particular drawing is the first I did with it. It is very light, as I was treading lightly and fearlessly into using this new medium.