A Telling Smile

A Telling Smile

Katy Roberts

In this portrait of my sister and I, I aimed to capture a moment and within that moment, a feeling. A feeling of true happiness, true contentment and true friendship.

I chose an image that was full of smiles, with no falseness or posing, which was also reminiscent of the close, harmonious atmosphere which filled the air. I used expressive, visible brushstrokes to add rawness to the portrait because that's what true friendship is about. It's a vulnerable, trusting bond that results in a beaming, radiant happiness. The limited background allows the focus to be on the faces and what each expresses. I wanted the faces to communicate an emotion that might provoke everyone's special memories. I wanted to produce a symbol of unity and joy.

When I look at my double portrait I see the essence of pure delight that radiates when in the company of someone you love, sharing something intangible that will remain a precious memory. I wanted to put two faces to the feeling of the true friendship I have with my sister. To sisterhood. To our happiness. Painted with acrylic on canvas.