kaitliyn dunsmore equivalencies


Kaitliyn Dunsmore

Art and Science. From an outsider’s perspective, the two may seem unconnected, distant and detached. A paradox. Art being engulfed in the visceral, implementing emotion-led freewill, to give rise to creativity and boundless imagination. Science, on the other hand, is confined within a lattice of logic, strategic, analytical rationality. But what if they are two sides of the same coin? My practice investigates the liminal value between the two disciplines of art and science, exploring the counterbalance in the rational and irrational – Creativity and Logic.

“Equivalences” attempts to examine a borderline of this dichotomy - Sacred Geometry. It proposes a link between the formation of organic material, mathematics and structure. The piece aims to highlight the discrete sensibilities of this framework at play in daily life, which are lost to invisibility. This is achieved by examining the influence of sacred geometry on Light. The viewers are invited to converse with the fluid ephemeral quality of light interlinked with the scientific conditions involved.