Laura Dow

Through tender embrace we realise that we are not alone. This photographic combination expresses the need to feel connected and understood by those who we surround ourselves with. A sense of belonging is essential and something that everyone deserves to feel. This value is the basis of a multitude of significant emotive needs such as safety, love and acceptance. 

Belonging can manifest in a lot of ways, and may not be entirely visible, especially during periods of vulnerability. However, it’s during these moments when the importance of this value is fully appreciated. 

Pictured is my mum and grandfather. This image represents the convoluted nature of being, and the isolation that one may feel from time to time, but ultimately symbolises the value in letting others be a part of your life. 

Through the act of photographing I too become a subject of this image, magnifying the complexities of the human relationship and reaching outwards to those sitting in front of me.