All It Takes Is One Drop

All It Takes Is One Drop

Juliette Goddard and Kirsty Campbell

Our entry is a film that follows a dancer who experiences the loss of a family member. This leads to a mental feeling of alienation and a feeling of being unable to cope with her feelings. She then realises that she can rely on those around her and can welcome their help to support her in difficult times. The river is a metaphor for how individuals, separate drops of water, can create something beautiful when they come together. The river also shows an element of danger as sometimes you can get dragged away by your life and let others take control. The film shows our values of friendship and family that will never be lost, even in hard times.

We have recently had personal losses and we hope that people will connect with the film because loss is one thing everyone experiences. We personally believe that being there for those in need when they are suffering is very important. Without a doubt we always support our friends and others whenever we can as we believe that standing by without acting is just as bad as being a perpetrator. These feelings that everyone experiences, unite us and shows us how alike all human beings actually are. Inside we are fundamentally all part of mankind and the worldwide community we have built. These values of hope in spite of loss and coming together in the face of tragedy are what we want to show through our film


VideoJohn Byrne Award