The Big Yin on the Banjo

The Big Yin on the Banjo

Josh Smith

I feel my portrait covers several values including enjoyment, power and achievement. Billy Connolly in one of his finest moments... playing the banjo which obviously brings him pleasure and enjoyment in life.

Power is covered as he has recently been honoured by Glasgow University with a degree. This would demonstrate social recognition and his preservation of public image.  This was also celebrated by murals of him being produced by 3 Scottish artists. These have been displayed around Glasgow celebrating his 75th birthday. These inspired me to feel I want to contribute to the celebrations with my art and by comparing my work with that of the mural artists...I felt influenced that I too could be successful as long as I continued to be ambitious in my artwork.

Glasgow live recently published my story about my Billy Connolly work as I have several pieces and this was massive confidence boost which gave me value of feeling capable and even more ambitious than ever to get my work out there and recognised.