Still Moving

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Jamie Fleming

Still Moving

My recent creative photography is my first venture into the fluid expression of Fine Art. Coming from a product and service design background, with a strong interest in people: interactions, memories and resonance, I had been curious to realise my own inspirations. I wanted to re-identify my own ties to place, the sources of delight in the everyday and discover my own creative expression. 

Proud of my home and strong social ties to the surrounding environments, revisiting these adventures inspired my creative curiosity of a field I was both reliant upon and divided from, during study and industry. Photography in the design process was merely a method of documenting and advertising, resulting in functional imagery that was geared towards being clear and sharp for easy interpretation. 

A design process I had previously experimented with - which used ambiguity and its various interpretations to create richer insights to develop upon - opened the conversation about what could be gained from applying the same strategy to my ‘traditional’ and functional use of photography.