North Bridge

Shedding Light

James Reddish

My painting of North Bridge in Edinburgh was really a way of me expressing myself and portraying my feeling and capturing the sense of place that I feel now living up here. Walking around the city I really feel a strong sense of belonging here almost like it is a part of me now and I feel the deep layers and expressional marks in my piece really symbolise this. I believe that it also shows my feeling of freedom and independence up here through the very rough composition and shapes. It’s a style that I’ve loved developing myself and I think is fairly unique to me, taking inspiration from this beautiful city.

Moving from a small seaside town to a big city was, quite naturally, a daunting experience. However, I really feel safe and secure here and this piece is my representation of some of these feelings. The powerful, daunting shapes of Edinburgh show my apprehension when moving but the depth and feeling in this piece I think really show how I feel that I now belong to this city and how I am a part of it as much as anyone else.