You're More Powerful Than You Think

Jade Jackson - youre more powerful than you think

You're More Powerful Than You Think

Jade Jackson

I have chosen to focus on globalization, social power and consciousness as my themes, focusing on the technology we encounter in our daily lives.

The time spent on laptops, smartphones and computers by adults has doubled in the past decade, to over 20 hours per week, and as the technology and communications industry grows rapidly, many remain blind to the hidden cost of labour behind many of these devices we rely on. Cobalt, an important element in creating batteries for laptops and smartphones, is primarily mined in The Democratic Republic of Congo. With global demand for technology booming, this should be a good thing for The Democratic Republic of Congo, but instead has led to a series of violent and complicated wars between the Government and rebel groups, struggling to retain power in the region. While they should be enjoying the rewards of such a precious mineral, instead men, women and children are found suffering in primitive mining conditions in a war-torn country.

I feel that, ethically, the use of technology created through the use and trading of conflict minerals is tricky. While we do consider the use of these products essential, surely if we are concerned with ethics and morality, we should be concerned with using products and processes which ensure stability and prosperity for all: achieved by revealing the hidden cost of corporate globalization.