The Blind

The Blind

Jacob Reid

The Blind and accompanying text were written as an expression of small details in life and how we apply meaning through them. The story is more the catalyst for me to express this concept.

It is about a mother and her son and his eventual collapse into drug addiction resulting in his death. The text was written sporadically with spelling mistakes and misuse of grammar to further illustrate how the small details can represent something much larger than themselves, such as the mother’s mental instability about her son's death. This is reflected in the song, with feedback from the amp, small timing mistakes and other musical errors that I decided to highlight rather than cover-up.

This ties in with ‘the meaning of life’, but rather than tackling that as a question, or even trying to answer it, I decided to subvert it into ‘the meaningless of life’. I was trying to explore themes such as death, disrepair and instability through this concept of objects and the meaning behind them. I believe the text and song go hand in hand as a piece, though I left any details about the characters purposefully ambiguous to allow for the listener to project themselves onto these characters.