Is Glasgow really a place of opportunity?

Is Glasgow really a place of opportunity?

Kieran McDonald, 21

I created a series of mixed media photography inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsugi. Which is the ancient act of filling the cracks with gold. For example, if a piece of pottery were to be cracked it would be put back together using gold. The belief behind the process is that if something with a history/past is broken then putting it back together again with gold makes it more beautiful.

Glasgow is seen as a place of opportunity by creatives like myself. However, compared to other places in the world such as London, Paris, Los Angles, Glasgow really does not have much to offer. My project represents the fact there are some opportunities here but there are not enough for everyone. This objectified by the gold seeping through the cracks and even though there are opportunities, they might not be necessarily what we had our dreams set on and that we do them just because it is a job that makes us some money, this therefor plays into the notion of “Fools Gold”. This is a photo of my actual work, which is an photographic print gilded with gold leaf.


The John Byrne Award