Is an idea ever truly original?

Is an idea ever truly original?

Natalie Green, 22

We are products of our own decisions – moulded by the things that surround us. Every thought ever has been had before, and nothing we create is unique to us. For example, this piece was painted along to music. Although entirely my own work, the beats and the mood of the music would have been incredibly influential on the final outcome: the composer’s creative expression has been projected into my own. The figure of the hand resembles the difficulties of escaping the apparent restrictions of creativity. Within a heavily black and white world, it is up to our individual selves to reach out and explore a variety of colours. It is important to ensure that we are moulded by our ability to choose and believe in ourselves and our surroundings, and transform these experiences into something we are proud of.

Finger painting with water colours.


The John Byrne Award