Influencing the Unconscious Mind

Influencing the Unconscious Mind

Cara Scott

My project expresses the importance of honesty. It explores how the unconscious mind can be influenced by design, and educates the reader on psychological techniques brands subject us to without our knowledge. 

I created a book with the concept 'Hidden Messages'. This typographic editorial piece has hidden messages throughout which aim to influence the reader’s unconscious. The book ends with a drawing task which puts these influencing techniques to the test: the reader is asked to draw a random object, in the hope that these hidden messages will influence them into thinking of the object (or more specifically, corporate logo) I want them to. When successful, this highlights how easily brands can enter your mind without you realising. 

The content of the book exposes psychological tricks brands use to influence our buying decisions. Each of the visuals was created to go alongside the content of the pages, but often had a hidden word or image within it which should go unnoticed by the reader. Each design decision, like the paper-stock used or techniques displayed, was made to contribute to the influencing techniques. 

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