I'd Quite Like To Not Do That Actually, Thanks

I'd Quite Like To Not Do That Actually, Thanks

Ailie Ormston

‘I’d Quite Like To Not Do That Actually, Thanks’ is a collection of six songs written between late 2016 – early 2017, presented as a series of music videos – maybe it’s a visual album. These songs address aspects of a contemporary condition through a characterised narrative, giving warped versions of reality and circumstance. 

An attempt was made here to wrestle with coherence, multiplicity in a psychological sense but the bore of self-deprecation. Themes include charting my family’s genetic health with my own dispositions, social structures within emailing and ebaying, and thinking about the benefits of quitting extracurricular activities. 

Aiming to construct a coherent visual language that corresponds to music and lyric writing has become important, carrying their ethos into different physical forms. Building these bodies of work that expand into varying tangents of making has felt increasingly crucial, starting with a small incline and letting it grow through writing, composition, performance, presentation and object making. This sort of practice gives me a greater sense of self and allows the articulation of concise thoughts by performing them through varying methods of communication.