How does transition in space influence our identity?

How does transition in space influence our identity?

HanHee Shin, 23

My life has always been accompanied by transitions in space. I immigrated to Malaysia from Korea when I was 10. Both countries have frequent changes. We live in a transitional world where spaces are volatile and unstable. We always see space we live in change and our generation is familiar with fast fabrication of cities. Everything is temporary like the shops I see on my way to school, there would be different shops in the same place after a year. My identity sits on the fence of two different countries. I am a foreigner in both countries and never feel settled. This confusion in identity is clear in my short movie Fish Project where I performed around Seoul as a fish not being able to exist in a stable place.

The video depicts an adventure of a fish. On land, the fish embarks on a new journey which is full of danger and it comes to realise that land is just as dangerous as underwater. Now, the fish has evolved and adapted to his new environment too much that it cannot go back underwater. In the end, it finds itself not belonging anywhere and remains confused about its identity.

Fish Project,
3 minute video

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The John Byrne Award