How did the European Migrant Crisis sound?

How did the European Migrant Crisis sound?

Robbie Houston

These 4 pieces of music try express the mix of emotions for migrants coming to new countries during the European migrant and refugee crisis. 

The music attempts to reflect the torment, anger, fear, horror, and ultimate mixture of relief and sadness that would come from fleeing a country in fear of your life among thousands of other citizens. 

We were interested in exploring sonically how dramatic and intense we were able to make the music on the surface while maintaining very complex ideas and repetitive underlying themes in an attempt to reflect the migrant crisis as a whole. 

The music was written at a time when the migration crisis was very much in the headlines, and recorded as new problems arose, such as backlash from countries who were turning refugees away and people (particularly in Scotland) who were welcoming migrants on a personal, face to face, level which gave a glimpse of optimism to the story. 

We hope the work demonstrates this thematically, lyrically, and sonically and that in taking the time to listen to it as a whole it can be appreciated from this viewpoint but also as stand alone music.


The John Byrne Award