You Looked Like You Needed A Friend

You Looked Like You Needed A Friend

Hannah Hastings

This song - "You Looked Like You Needed A Friend" - explores the importance of real connections and friendships and the loneliness that occurs when too much time is spent online and on social media. I believe it is vital that this loneliness is expressed honestly to inject some humanity back into our heavily filtered existences.

I had a friendship with someone wherein most of our serious conversations took place online at night. When I would see them the next day at work, it would be small talk - the strained sharing of physical space. I wrote this song one night when it finally dawned on me how feeble this friendship really was and how alone I truly felt.

In this day and age, it is seen as bizarre and unsociable to not have Facebook, as if initially forming virtual connections, emboldened and hidden behind keyboards, is a healthy way to interact. The reluctance to phone people and the gravitation towards texts to convey closeness is socially stunting my generation. When we look up from our phones, we glance around and see this preoccupation mirrored by people all around us. We are all desperately seeking connection and many of us are desperately alone.