Scottish Targe

Scottish Targe

Grace Gavin

The creative arts has always been my biggest inspiration throughout my life, and through my experience in higher education it has developed into a love for model making, my most prized piece so far being my Targe. I am fully dedicated to my art and I invest time and effort when developing my ideas. Influenced by my love of Scottish heritage, I chose to make a shield and determined to be as accurate as possible in following traditional methods, and believe that I have shown this in my craftsmanship. I found this to be an extremely rewarding experience.

I have learned many new skills during this past year in college. However, I have found that none of this compares to the satisfaction of learning new techniques through self-taught practises. Learning leather embossing on my own to complete this project allowed me to expand my art skillset and push me out of my comfort zone, exploring my design capabilities and my own aesthetic while staying true to my inspiration. My aim is to continue learning and being inspired throughout my career.

Materials used: tongue and groove wood, vegetable tanned leather, upholstery pins, brass boss, dye, rope, hay, fur.