Gold Digger

Gold Digger

Leighton McIntosh

This piece features the well known cartoon Astroboy. My work has always featured famous cartoons and nostalgic characters as they have the ability to appeal to a wide spectrum of people. Memorable animations can subconsciously evoke happy and clear thoughts which help communicate deeper meanings more effectively within my paintings. 

This painting expresses the values of wealth and social power. In an ever growing materialistic world, the ability to trick our social audiences and peers of how affluent our lives can be is becoming much easier with the power of social media. Owning tokens of wealth such as large jewellery and designer brands, as shown in the painting, can confuse people into
thinking they are happy within themselves. Flaunting such items can often attract or influence people who are searching for a life of wealth and power, but mislead them into a false sense of happiness. I convey the feeling of confusion with my signature swirl replacing the eyes contrasted with the characters smiling faces. 

The background colours display a bold orange that is associated with meanings of fun and success. The other is a light violet which can give the sense of wealth and royalty.

Canvas Painting. 
Materials: Acrylic paint, Clear varnish, Resin. 
Size: 80 x 60 cm