Séimí Rowan

My debut song 'Glory' challenges the values we have about work, and the dominance it holds throughout our lives. 

Over the past six years I have worked as a sound editor for a company who record spoken memoirs for older people to give as legacy gifts to their friends and family when they pass away. These 'life interviews' (between one and three hours long) always end with quite personal questions. 

One such question is: 'What is your biggest regret in life?'. Almost without fail, the male interviewees so far have answered: 'I worked too hard'. They explained that they didn't feel they had spent enough time with family or friends, or pursuing their dreams. 

This moved me deeply, leading me to consider the way in which we still routinely suppress ourselves in order to perpetuate our working culture and pursue financial gain. I wrote this song - a song of someone consumed by this societal pressure - to echo the stories I had heard, to question the concept of work for work's sake, and to emphasise the value and transience of our lives. 

The writing, arrangement, recording and production were done entirely alone, in my bedroom.