Georgia Gardner

My work explores values of trust, humanity and my interest in dependence, interdependence and independence, as both positive and negative. When reliant upon, people, medication, money etc. it is often paradoxical. It is both restrictive and, as a result of accepting dependency, liberating as freedom ensues.

I explored different relationships, considering the reliance and intimacy existing in any interdependent relationship. Using human presence alongside physical objects/tools, both being equally important aspects to the outcome of the performance.

The object forces an uncomfortable and absurd intimacy between the two people taking part, they can choose to make eye contact or turn away from eachother. They are isolated from the other viewers, who are faced with a surreal analogy for human nature. As viewers change positions in order to take part in the performance the intimacy of the performance is attainable by all present.

My choice to approach the issue with an absurdist depiction was to create a dream-like quality, I believe this creates a vulnerability thus underlining human presence and composing an unearthly, yet relatable concept.
My work aims to be a duet between inanimate and human existence, discordant yet resulting in harmony as an outcome of the involuntary intimacy.