James Beagon

"Gamer" is a short 10-minute play about the treatment of women in the world of video games. Though traditionally viewed as a predominantly male activity, numerous studies show that the gender gap of gamers is rapidly closing and that modern gaming is reaching a broader audience than ever before. Yet the depiction of women within video games, and the treatment of women playing those games, is still somewhat woeful.

Anita Sarkeesian of "Feminist Frequency" runs a series of excellent video game podcasts and videos which highlight many of the issues surrounding the depiction of women in video games. My short piece is inspired by many of the points raised by her and also from my own conversations with female gamer friends.

Though the issue has received a decent amount of attention in gaming press circles, it is still yet to come to the attention of many people. This is despite the fact that it is a prime example of the inherent sexism still prevalent in all forms of modern media, and not just video games. It is my hope that my short comic script helps highlight just how widespread this issue really is.