Only Yesterday

Only Yesterday

Gabrielle Devine

As I’ve grown up, I’ve realised how much my values have changed from when I was a young girl. I remember I used to do things purely for my own enjoyment, and now I feel myself drifting from the things that make me happiest because they are impractical.

I think it is really important for young artists to keep onto the values they had as a child and not to get hypnotised by wealth or fame. Many of us are at a crossroad in our lives, where we decide to either pursue a career in doing what we love most, despite the risks, or choose a different career solely for a higher income or because others tell us that our dreams are unrealistic.

Looking at this image of my younger self has really made me consider what matters most to me. I aspire to change my mindset to the one I had when I was younger, so that when I choose my career path within the next year, it will be based on what makes me truly happy, rather than what makes others happy.