Matthew Dunsmore

During the conception of the documentary I had no real idea what I wanted my film to say. I think many young aspiring artists don’t think about what an audience should take from their work and end up making something for no one but themselves. For my film, Free, I didn’t want to make it for me, I wanted to make it for an audience. 

After I conducted the interview for the documentary, I listened to it over and over, trying to find something deeper – trying to find my films message. The message of the film finally came to me when I heard my interviewee, Conor McCormack, talk about “freedom”. From then on, I realised that everything in the film had to revolve around this idea. 

I wanted my film to be about “freedom” because lots of people feel trapped in some way. Many feel as though they are trapped by their own emotions after facing turmoil and I wanted to create something that would give them hope and potentially set them free.