Faces and Waves – Real Feeling

Faces and Waves – Real Feeling

Freda Dub

‘Faces and Waves’ stems from my desire to create a piece that has the effect of rekindling empathy, and inspiring thought and feeling. In a world in which indifference towards the suffering of others is taken as acceptable it is all the more important to work consciously towards bringing issues of injustice to light. 

Using my own drawings, I have developed a silkscreen repeat design that is composed of multitudes of faces and waves and is intended to represent the perilous journeys that are made by refugees who cross seas in search of safety. The sheer number of faces, uniform and with unreadable expressions challenge viewers to consider their own attitudes towards global events, which whilst not explicitly impacting them, reflect sharply on their humanity. 

I developed the printed eight metre length of cotton into a garment shape using minimal waste pattern cutting techniques.