Erratic Tay

Erratic Tay

Morwenna Potter

Transforming found materials is both subject and source of my art. I am stimulated by the corrosive relationship between people and nature, acknowledging my own longing for an untouched and authentic landscape that is ultimately validated through human contamination. I hope my work and environmentally considerate process celebrates values of natural beauty whilst simultaneously recognising our exploitation of it. I demonstrate this duality by contrasting organic and artificial materials to create artworks that are arranged in reflection of specific constructed spaces. 

This piece, Erratic Tay, is responsive to fluvial processes and meandering landforms. It is a loop of intricately joined pieces of salvaged wood sourced from Loch Tay. The manipulated linear form is “honed” to a sparse aesthetic to disconnect it further from its natural source, whilst emphasising details that become easily observable when it is removed from its original environment. This is also delineated through the title, which refers to the displacement of fragments from their origin, such as in glacial erratics. 

Erratic Tay measures 205x105x50cm (largest) and will be part of upcoming exhibition The Benefits of Being Under the Weather at Patriothall Gallery, Edinburgh from 03/02/18 – 18/02/18. Please feel free to visit for documentation of this work in situ after February 3rd.